Who We Are

Want to Make a Difference?

We believe that better is possible. Being an Overlapper means working to make it happen.

An Overlap team member takes a ride in a Herman Miller Spun Chair in the Overlap office

Current Openings

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Our Values

Culture is how we do things around here. Culture is where an organization’s vision and values come together. This is how we play the game.

We Value-Creativity

Creativity is the production of new, useful ideas. To make creativity a priority, we need to provide an enthusiastic, uncritical welcome to a variety of thinkers. During ideation, we withhold judgment. Prioritization and critique comes later.

We Value-Empathy

Being able to see the world through someone else’s eyes is an essential skill. Empathy leads to treating other people kindly, communicating sincerely, and behaving with civility and respect.

We Value-Collaboration

We like working together, which is good because we do it a lot. We collaborate within Overlap, with business partners and with clients. We try to do it well and do it visibly.

We Value-Change

We work, by definition, in spaces and organizations where things are changing. To thrive in the midst of change, we must be intentional, adaptable, resilient, and comfortable with ambiguity.

We Value-Curiosity

Questions are more powerful than assumptions. Exploration is an investment of time we’re happy to make. Because we’re always curious, we’re always learning.

We Value-Dependability

We care about getting things done. We never want to let somebody down. We’re still human. Sometimes we make mistakes. When that happens, we take responsibility and work to make it better.

Going All-In
We Value-Going All-In

We really like what we’re doing, and it shows in our commitment to the work. We also value healthy lives, family time, leisure and personal development. Work is not 24/7. But when we’re at Overlap, we’re all-in.