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We're a design consultancy that puts people at the centre of our work and your solutions. Overlap works with organizations of all sizes on problems that matter most to them.


What we’re about

We use evidence, not assumptions.

Design thinking is an approach where observation and evidence inform decisions, checks assumptions and delivers value—all grounded in a human perspective.

We believe in the possible.

Practical optimism is required to make change happen. We believe better is possible because we've seen it happen over and over.

You have extraordinary potential.

Humans are pretty cool and if we allow ourselves to explore problems, new ideas and solutions with empathy and creativity—we can unlock potential to make things better.

What We Do

Our clients work in healthcare, education, insurance, non-profits, energy, mining and cities. The common thread between our clients is their desire to do something different, to achieve a better result. We help you get to your better.

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