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Customer Experience (CX) Insights

Understand the customer experience and drive new product and service innovation.

Customer experience can define a company’s success. If a product or service is hard to use, chances are people won’t get what they’re looking for, and they won’t be coming back. Providing an exceptional experience improves customer loyalty, helps you stand out from the competition, and broadens your customer base by turning customers into advocates.

Generating meaningful insights into your customer’s experience is a launch point for business innovation. This is why we’re seeing an ever-increasing emphasis on experience—across organizations and industries, in both public and private sectors. Whether your stakeholders are engaging with your digital platform, accessing life-saving healthcare, or filing an insurance claim, we’re here to help make that experience better.

Overlap can help you explore and identify customer needs, wants, expectations, and pain points. Our human-centred approach to customer research means you will gain insights that drive better decisions. 

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Problem Definition—Identify the problem you care about
  2. Stakeholder Analysis—Map the people and customer groups connected to it
  3. Design Research—Use creative,qualitative research techniques and methods
  4. Synthesis—analyse data, generate insights and take action

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Rachel Hofstetter Vice President & General Manager Overlap Associates Canada


Rachel Hofstetter, is a strong leader with exceptional management, business and people skills. She’s a natural coach who inspires people to work collaboratively toward new outcomes, while developing organizational cultures that support continuous learning and innovation. Get to know Rachel, see some of her work and engage with her ideas here.


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