Although Gore Mutual has a 97% customer satisfaction rating, the company still saw room to improve customers’ experiences with insurance claims. Acknowledging changing customer expectations and needs, Gore sought to learn about the experiences of its customers throughout the claims journey and find opportunities for improvement. As part of this work, Gore also aimed to understand the experiences of other relevant stakeholders, such as brokers and service providers, acknowledging the role of each group in the overall claims experience.


Overlap Associates and Gore Mutual worked together to explore the customer journey and highlight points for improvement. Overlap led engagement to understand the range of experiences of Gore’s diverse stakeholders, using a variety of methods including in-person interviews, interactive Stakeholder Lab workshops, and observational research of spaces such as dispatch centres, digital platforms, contractors’ shops, and customer meetings. By using a Journey Map framework to guide the research collection, Overlap developed nuanced insights of the current and ideal future state of navigating the claims process. Overlap then conducted a Service Blueprinting facilitation, in which Overlap and Gore combined and explored all aspects of the claims service to highlight gaps and opportunities. 

From the engagement and workshops, Overlap produced a comprehensive Insights Summary Report and useful artifacts including a Current and Ideal Customer Journey Map based on the data. These documents supported the development of ClaimCare, Gore Mutual’s new approach to claims processing. ClaimCare includes improvements such as a Concierge for inquiries, a Mobile Response Team, and a Mobile Response Centre for catastrophes.