In this course, learn how to take a human-centred approach to your problem solving using design thinking techniques.

Live Online Cohort | November 15 & 17, 2022 | 9am-12pm EST

From understanding your customer, to best practices in developing ideas, and testing your solutions to make sure they satisfy real needs. You will get skills, tools and methods to unlock innovation in your organization, navigate uncertainty and thrive in our changing world.

About the course

Design thinking has become a bit of a buzzword, yet the techniques, methods and approaches are critical to identifying and solving real problems and delivering value to customers. So, what is design thinking and how can you use it to solve problems that meet real needs?

In this course, you will learn structured creative techniques that help you develop more ideas, better ideas and leverage the knowledge of a group to move those ideas forward together. You will learn tools, techniques and a repeatable process that will help you create new value for customers and approach problem solving with a new confidence.

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