Course overview

Agile is an iterative and visual approach to project management. Learn how to respond to design projects in small segments, planning the work as needed, rather than all up front. Understand how to respond quickly to new stakeholder needs and evolving project requirements.

  • 1 day
  • Ideal for 15 – 50 people
  • Teams that want to work iteratively, collaboratively and better respond to change
  • Delivered by Overlap Agile Coach

What you learn

Learn the best project management approach to rapidly apply human-centred design in your team.

  • Introduction to the agile approach
  • How to plan the work, do the work and learn from the work
  • Hands-on mock planning meeting and practice of the daily and weekly flow

What you get

Helpful tools you can use tomorrow.

  • Activity workbook
  • Creation of your team agile wall
  • Toolkit of items to support your new agile workflow

Why HCD: Agile for your team

  • Learn new ways to approach project management that are iterative, flexible and focused on delivering value
  • Build new skills that make sure the work you’re doing is the most important work
  • Constant change requires new approaches to getting work done

This course will help you

  • Identify and work toward delivering value to your most important stakeholders
  • Learn new skills that support collaboration and iteration
  • Practice agile and use it in your environment