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Design Thinking Training

By learning how to use human-centred design through our design thinking training, your team will work together better and improve how you navigate complex challenges. Get the skills, tools and approaches to unlock innovation in your organization and navigate uncertainty, disruption and a changing world.

Solve problems—faster, better

Our training workshops are transformational, fun and very practical and we pride ourselves on our experiential education that supports adoption of the approach.

Our virtual training will equip you and your team with:

  • New Tools & Methods for Collaboration—Successful teams can get more from each other and thrive despite complexity and increased demands.
  • Enhanced Leadership Skills—New leadership skills require comfort with ambiguity and an ability to be complex-capable in ways the world has never needed before.
  • Improved Team Dynamics—Bring your team closer together and achieve better outcomes by developing their human-centred design skill set.
  • Confidence to Tackle Problems—An increasingly complex world requires a new skill set and courage to tackle your organization’s toughest problems.

Overlap runs online group/team training and individual sessions to help people adopt human-centred ways of working. As trainers, facilitators, and human-centred designers, we bring a unique approach to your online training. We approach training design by considering the rational and experiential aims—meaning both the learning objectives and content delivery, as well as the participant experience and how people feel throughout the training. This twinned approach plays a key role in the success of every Overlap training, facilitation, webinar, and event.

Lead Contact

Ryan Voisin Director, Innovation Programs


Ryan is the Director of Innovation Programs at Overlap. He designs and delivers programming for organizations to increase their capacity for innovation, facilitating conversations between organizations and their key stakeholders to understand and design for diverse perspectives. Get to know Ryan, see some of his work and engage with his ideas here.

Online Training

We offer a variety of skill development topics through live, instructor-led, online training modules. Our courses are offered for teams of all sizes, and periodically for individual enrollment. Get in touch to host training for your team, or sign up to be the first to learn about upcoming individual training dates if you don’t see one listed below.

  • Introduction to Human-Centred Design: Learn to put people at the centre of your problem solving. 
  • Exploring Complex Problems: Learn to describe the problem you’re trying to solve as it’s currently understood. Explore how to do the homework around the problem space in a human-centred way to better understand context and develop launch points for solution generation. 
  • Building Innovative Ideas: Deepen your understanding of how to come to better solutions through structured collaboration, and then build out those solutions in a tangible way.
  • Making Better Decisions: Embrace a curious mindset to create a suite of human-centred tools to help you make decisions when you feel stuck. Learn about the importance of feedback on your solutions as you refine them. 
  • Engagement Foundations: Learn to run a captivating engagement session in a virtual environment. By continuing to build your HCD skills, you can work better and improve how you and your organization navigate complex challenges. 
  • Facilitation & Better Meetings: Get more from individuals in group settings by leveraging their strengths and asking the right questions. 
  • Working with Agility: Help your team increase their effectiveness by planning and working together differently. Agile Project Management isn’t just for tech teams. 
  • Leading Change Through Design: Learn to recognize and foster the design mindset. Bring to life the core competencies that are the foundation of the HCD process. 

Don’t see the topic you’re looking for? We can develop custom training modules on any of the topics that are featured in our consulting practice. Contact us to learn more.

In-person Training

In-person training gives us the opportunity to immerse participants in practical sessions. We provide a vast toolkit that we use ourselves in our project work so participants are able to use the real methods with supports the next day.

In-person training is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, but If you’re interested, please get in touch to discuss what we can do as we begin to bring back in-person training.


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