By learning the foundations of facilitation, and how to apply them in online settings, your team can design and perform better online facilitations. Through our Online Facilitation Training, your team will get the skills, tools, and approaches to confidently design and deliver your best online meetings, workshops, and presentations.

Over the course of three virtual sessions, we’ll cover:

  • Facilitation Foundations: a level-set for the group and cover foundational concepts and tools of the facilitator
  • Creative Collaboration: Overlap’s Creative Collaboration training helps increase your creative output and better support idea generation within groups
  • Tactical Workshop Facilitation: Your team will learn how to translate the principles and approaches covered so far to real-world situations, with an emphasis on online facilitation 

Why Overlap Training for your team

  • Learn how to create rich online facilitation experiences through proven tools and methods
  • Support your team to provide a consistent participant experience across facilitated sessions, while embracing remote delivery
  • Use new tools to help your team feel more confident with online facilitation

Virtual training details

  • Overlap’s Online Facilitation Training includes 3 x 2-hour modules hosted through Zoom.
  • Modules can be booked over the course of a week, a month, a three-month period, or anything in between.
  • On-going coaching after the modules are completed can be added to any training package.
  • You’ll work with your Overlap Training Coordinator to confirm dates, course details, and group attendance.
  • This course can accommodate groups of 3 to 20 participants.

What you get

This isn’t just a zoom call. Alongside our virtual sessions, participants will receive helpful tools you can use tomorrow.

  • Access to training materials for up to six months after the training date is completed.
  • Overlap’s Design Thinking Card Deck – An expansive card deck full of prompts and nudges to help you get to better.
  • Participants will also get access to a discount on HCD toolkit materials ordered through the Overlap Gear online store.

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Looking For More?

We offer a variety of courses designed to complement our online facilitation training and go a bit deeper into the process. Talk to us about building a complete training plan for your team.