Course overview

Learn how to solve problems with creativity and empathy, using human-centred design as a winning approach. Learn the basics and get familiar with the language and ideas that support best-in-class people-focused problem solving.

  • Available for individual registration or teams (ideal for 15 – 100 people)
  • Teams that want to build new skills and get introduced to human-centred design
  • Delivered by Overlap facilitator 

What you learn

The perfect way to get introduced to human-centred design. We’ll cover:

  • The power of design: how to respond to the actual needs of real people
  • Creativity and collaboration: explore the key principles of collaborative creativity and how to embrace curiosity 
  • The benefits of working together, particularly across silos, and how to make the most of many ideas
  • Tools to structure decision making and understand where to go next
  • Real-world practice: put your design skills into practice with a relevant design challenge
  • Action: practical steps that you can start using right away to make better possible

What you get

Helpful tools you can use today.

  • Activity workbook
  • Human-centred design card deck

Why HCD: Launch for yourself or team

  • Learn new ways to work together
  • Build your team’s skills and enhance their problem solving skills
  • Learn how to be customer-centric and make decisions with the end-user in mind

This course will help you

  • Get an introduction to human-centred design and design thinking
  • Build a common vocabulary for this type of work
  • Understand how the design process works
  • Learn some of the most used tools and methods

Course Registration

Solo Registration: register here

Group / team Registration: Get in touch with us to learn more about HCD: Launch