A deep-dive into the tools and methods used in human-centred design (HCD) to take your design thinking skills to the next level.

By continuing to build your human-centred design (HCD) skills, you can work better and improve how you and your organization navigate complex challenges. Get the skills, tools and approaches to unlock innovation in your organization and navigate uncertainty, disruption and a changing world.

Over the course of three virtual sessions, we’ll cover:

  • Building your toolkit with repeatable methods and tools
  • How to apply tools and scale them from solo to group work

Virtual training details

  • HCD: Tools and Process (Virtual) includes 3 x 2-hour modules hosted through Zoom.
  • Modules can be booked over the course of a week, a month, a three-month period, or anything in between.
  • On-going coaching after the modules are completed can be added to any training package.
  • You’ll work with your Overlap Training Coordinator to confirm dates, details, and group attendance.

What you get

This isn’t just a zoom call. Alongside our virtual sessions, participants will receive helpful tools you can use tomorrow.

  • Overlap’s Design Thinking Process Cards – An expansive card deck full of commonly used human-centred design methods and how to practise them
  • Human-centred design worksheets – Exclusive to participants in Overlap training courses, these worksheets are packed with practical steps to walk you through some of our most used HCD activities
  • Participants will also get access to a discount on HCD toolkit materials ordered through the Overlap Gear online store.

Let’s get started

Contact us today to discuss pricing, dates, and confirm training for your team!

Looking For More?

HCD: Tools and Process is the follow-up to our introductory HCD: Launch course. While we strongly recommend you take HCD: Launch first, we are happy to welcome participants interested in pursuing a deeper dive into human-centred design.

We offer follow-up courses designed to complement HCD: Launch and go a bit deeper into the process. Talk to us about building a complete training plan for your team.

Start Solo

Can’t wait to get started? Check out our virtual offerings to purchase single seats to HCD: Launch. Our online course runs over one-week, and features live instructors from the Overlap team.