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Brock Hart

Brock Hart

Chief Design Officer

Our Chief Design Officer, Brock Hart, is a serial entrepreneur focused on helping organizations embrace innovation through design. As a former Creative Director and award-winning designer with an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Design, he is passionate about the power of human centered design to make things better. Since co-founding Overlap in 2011, Brock has served as a trusted advisor to organizations and leaders who are ready to radically change in order to achieve true transformation. Adept at bringing people together around big ideas, Brock is a visionary thinker and an extraordinary facilitator. Brock also leads the Transformation Design team at Overlap, guiding the team to deliver our work with excellence across projects and sectors. 

I find myself in so many conversations where you realize a group is talking about solutions but no one talked about the problem. ‘What problem are we trying to solve for whom?’ is one of the most powerful questions we can ask ourselves.

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