How do we create positive, lasting change in our patients’ lives?

“The first thing we do is talk to lots of people. [Institutions] find this really scary—they don’t always want to talk to their end users, because I think they’re worried we might not be able to solve the problem. The thing is, you don’t have to solve the problem. But you should recognize that it is a problem.”

Watch Overlap’s CEO Brock Hart share reflections and stories  at KW Counselling‘s AGM about his experiences driving patient-centred design. Thanks to KW Counselling for the opportunity to share!


Better is absolutely possible.

Design thinking and patient-centred design requires that we take risks, that we invest in getting to know our patients, and that we prioritize designing with our patients. 

How do you ask your patients, customers, clients, or end-users what they need? What have you learned from them?