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Lorraine Kochut

Lorraine Kochut

Senior Associate

Lorraine Kochut is a Senior Associate at Overlap. Lorraine is a transformational leader combining strategic planning, facilitation, project management and LEAN principles to help organizations reach their potential. With 20+ years experience working with corporations, arts groups, and not-for-profit organizations, Lorraine has successfully helped teams transform themselves by leveraging their strengths to build out actionable solutions.

Lorraine is highly skilled in building team consensus, collaboration, and commitment to strategic planning, problem resolution or initiative implementations by customizing elements of: process facilitation, LEAN and project management methodologies to fit the group’s work-style preferences. 

Lorraine is a leader, a coach, and a mentor having founded professional Centers of Excellence, designed and executed executive development programs, as well as the development of mentoring programs for project managers and facilitators. Lorraine is a frequent speaker at Project Management and Industry conferences promoting practical consensus, collaboration, and change management techniques.

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