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Kyrie Vala-Webb

Kyrie Vala-Webb

Design Director

Kyrie is a Director of Design at Overlap. She works with organizations and teams to understand their complex problems and develop creative solutions, through deep design research and interdisciplinary collaboration. Kyrie brings her passion for diversity, inclusion, and accessibility to every project, and strives to design with people who will be impacted by her work, as opposed to for them. She holds a Master of Design (MDes) in Inclusive Design from OCAD University, and Bachelor of Knowledge Integration (BKI) from the University of Waterloo. 

Select and recent projects include: 

  • Toronto Foundation, Strategic Plan
  • UNICEF Canada, One Youth 
  • Region of Waterloo, Smart Cities
  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Community Engagement 
  • Stonehenge Therapeutic Community, Donor Discovery 
  • Food Banks Canada, Facilitation Services

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