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Inclusive Design

Overlap partners with organizations to improve accessibility, create innovative new offerings that are inclusive, and leverage the diversity of their teams and communities.

Inclusive Design is design that considers the full range of human diversity. Every aspect of a person’s identity contributes to how they see the world—their values, needs, and behaviours. Identity also shapes how people are treated by the systems they interact with throughout their lives—healthcare, education, employment, and justice systems. We can’t just put a generic person at the centre of our design process and solutions. We need to think about the infinite diversity of the people we’re designing for, as well as the many different perspectives and needs our diverse audiences bring to the table. Inclusive design is a methodology for doing so.

Using inclusive design, we build capacity in organizations to work with diverse populations, and prioritize accessibility challenges based on community and organizational needs. Our emphasis on co-design is a core part of our inclusive design practice. Because people are experts in their own experiences and needs, co-design helps us create solutions that work in context. Rather than relying on a small team with similar backgrounds, we invite people with a diverse set of experiences to tackle an issue together.

Understanding the diverse experiences and needs of the people you are trying to reach is a key part of designing successful products, services, and organizations. With inclusive design and accessibility expertise, we can:

  • Identify and address barriers people are currently facing when trying to access products or services;
  • Reach new audiences by using inclusive design to create innovative, new offerings;
  • Leverage diversity of teams and communities with engagement strategies and tools that create inclusive, safe, and creative collaboration.

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