After over six years of conducting broad-reaching and in-depth engagement, Overlap Associates is now an Ontario Vendor of Record in the brand new Management Consulting (VOR #OSS-00426611) Role: Strategic Public Engagement.

What does our Strategic Public Engagement VOR Status mean for the organizations we work with?

As an official Vendor of Record (VOR), we are pre-qualified to provide goods and services for select public engagement projects within Ontario ministries and certain organizations, per the conditions of the VOR arrangement.

In addition to our VOR status in Strategic Public Engagement, Overlap is also an Organizational Transformation Consultant and Strategic Public Engagment Specialist within the Management Consulting arrangement.

The importance of stakeholder input

When we help organizations tackle their most complex problems, one of the most important steps in the process is to ask forand truly listen tothe input of that organization’s stakeholders. Stakeholders can be anyone and everyone that an organization reaches: whether a service user, a staff member, a volunteer, or a member of the broader public.

Incorporating the input of stakeholders is at the heart of the human-centred design process.

At Overlap, we make sure that individuals’ voices are valued and heard. That’s why all of the feedback we gather informs how we design and navigate challenges.

It’s important to us that we accommodate all communication styles and preferences. We connect with people through visual, verbal, written, in-person, and digital platforms.

We’re honoured to be recognized as official vendors for this work, and we are more energized than ever to continue conducting public engagement in a meaningful and transformational way.

☎️ For more information about Overlap’s VOR status please contact Alison Portt,  Overlap’s Director, Relationships at or 226-317-0305 ext. 290.