Building a good employee engagement plan is the first step to learning more about the experience of your employees. In a recent webinar series Overlap’s Vice-President and General Manager Rachel Hofstetter and Overlap’s Senior Designer Sarah Martin shared their thoughts on why you need to collect feedback from your employees, what goes into a good employee engagement plan, and, once you’ve collected feedback, what to do with it. With each webinar we’ve included a resource you can start using right away to improve your employee engagement plan.

Why Employee Feedback is Important

Webinar 1 | Watch Now

There are many reasons to collect ongoing feedback from employees. In this webinar you’ll be introduced to a human-centred design lens on why employee feedback is important. We’ll give you some new ways to think about the purpose and value of employee feedback and we’ll leave you with some practical next step ideas. 

Resource | Leadership Blog Series

How to do Employee Feedback and Engagement Well

Webinar 2 | Watch Now

Employee feedback and engagement can build trust or break it. In this webinar we’ll discuss tips, tricks, and activities that will support you in facilitating engagement and feedback that will be meaningful for both you and your employees. We’ll leave you with some tangible tools you can use right away.

Resources | How to Use an Empathy Map and Four Questions to Start Getting Better Feedback

Practical Ideas on How to Take Action on Employee Feedback

Webinar 3 | Watch Now

We can’t just collect feedback, we need to use it. In this webinar, you’ll be introduced to practical ideas and considerations for honouring the feedback you’ve collected from your employees and moving into action. We’ll leave you with some practical examples of how to take action.

Resource | 4 Steps to Help You Make Better Decisions (Impact/Effort Matrix)

Build Your HCD Toolkit with Online Training

Our online courses go deeper into many of the concepts we touched on in our series. Learn more about Human-Centred Design training with Overlap.