Design Thinking is not an exclusive skill, natural ability, fine art, or rocket science.

Design thinking is accessible to everyone.

In this post you’ll find additional information and useful tips for attending your Overlap design thinking course.

At Overlap, we believe design thinking is bigger than any one tool or problem-solving method. We believe thinking through design is a fundamentally different, empathy-driven approach that anyone can adopt. 

All sorts of people attend our courses including professionals across the public and private sector, workers at every level of their organizations, and students studying in a variety of fields. Our courses truly are designed for everyone.

We’re glad you’re here, ready to learn, and open to improving your approach to problem-solving.

Our design thinking courses are collaborative and often hands-on. Above all we want you to relax and arrive with an open mind.


What should you bring? 

We provide everything you need for the course, but if you have a favourite notebook or writing tool you should bring it along.

useful tips for attending your Overlap design thinking course.jpg

Provided materials will vary based on the needs of the course.

You will have access to:

  • Pens
  • Coloured pens
  • Sharpies
  • Paper
  • Coloured Post-its


Want to arrive extra prepared for your Design Thinking Course?

Read A Beginner’s Introduction to Design Thinking. (5 minutes) 

Get a video introduction to The Design of Everyday Things from Joe Posner and Donald Norman. (5 minutes)

Learn about Empathy Maps: How to Use An Empathy Map. (10 minutes)

Larger Investments: (Books)

Introduction to Design Thinking books.jpg


Getting to Overlap

Visit Overlap in Kitchener Ontario.png

📍 Overlap’s office is located in the heart of downtown Kitchener at 305 King St. West, Unit 1002. Just take the elevator up to the 10th floor or try the stairs if you feel like getting some exercise.

🚧 Construction can pretty much be expected when traveling in Kitchener-Waterloo. We suggest leaving yourself extra time to navigate around morning traffic and ongoing construction.


Still have questions?

📧 Contact Overlap’s course coordinator today: