The new normal has to be creative. For leaders to succeed in a rapidly changing environment a new skill set is required to create high performing teams, enabling people to maximise their impact.

Overlap is a creative problem solving company. We take a powerful human-centred approach to help people work creatively, break down silos, increase internal communication, and create better products, services and plans. We create better outcomes because ours is a deeply empathetic, richly human and solutions focused approach.

We work with companies including startups, growth stage companies, and large organisations that need to grow their people and manager’s leadership capabilities in order to be successful navigating the new normal.

This November, join Overlap at our Creative Problem Solving Conference! Hear about the 21st Century Leadership Skills which have enabled much of Overlap’s success from our very own Brock & Lisa, participate in round-tables, moderated discussions, presentations – even take a look behind the curtain! We are bringing you a forum to engage, learn, connect and celebrate 10 years of creative problem solving at Overlap, and unleash your creative problem solving potential!