The Better is Possible Project is an Overlap Associates initiative that has always aimed to remind us what it means to be human through the power of stories. Stories are how we learn, understand, empathize, and connect with one another. 

In early Fall, we hosted the first Better is Possible Roundtable virtual event in our series, spanning 2020/2021. Key themes and questions that emerged through a range of small and large group discussions included:

  • Equity. Is it possible to understand and create a vision for what equity looks like in our world? How can we use design thinking to create a vision for a world of inclusion? How do we make equity actionable? 
  • Vulnerability. Is it okay to not always be okay, especially in the context of our work? How are we meeting people where they are at, rather than expecting them to come to us? 
  • Balance. How do we care for our families during what will be a prolonged time of change? How do we re-imagine our lives at such a personal level? How do we improve the difficulty we share in adjusting to work life balance whilst working from home?
  • Change. How do you even get started on the change that you’d like to see – in your community, with your work and colleagues? Is it possible to sustain the level of effort needed to drive change?
  • Human Connection. How do we stay connected and engaged with people and our community in a virtual reality? How do we create safe spaces for informal, unexpected connections among people? How do we take a truly inclusive approach?
  • Innovation. When trauma/crisis/disaster forces innovation, how do we maintain that mindset? What does resiliency in action look like and how does it scale? 

Come explore these themes further with us…

We’ll come together in small and large group discussions for a tangible, outcome-focused discussion and dig deeper into these themes centred around making better possible.

Better is Possible Project (Virtual) Roundtable
Wednesday, January 20th
10:30am – 11:30am EST

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Save the Date! 2020/2021 Roundtable Events Schedule: 

  • Wednesday January 20 10:30am-11:30am EST | Register Now
  • Wednesday March 10 10:30am-11:30am EST | Details to follow