On May 27th, we had the privilege of hosting a Better is Possible Project Roundtable event for over 70 participants from five countries. This initial Roundtable was about convening a global discussion among leaders, doers and people who share an interest in the power of design to propel us forward during a global pandemic. 

A lot has changed in our world since May 27th. We are witnessing a global response to long-standing issues that have not had the attention that they deserve. Like so many of you, we are heartbroken by the events unfolding before our eyes and we stand in solidarity with Black communities and those who are demonstrating for Justice. And, we are finding our way to act both at Overlap and as part of a global community. 

The Better is Possible Project offers a platform for us to bring an international group together to share experiences and stories of hope during a challenging time. This is also a space to create a space for us to find a connection that has been missing for so many of us during this time of virtual-everything. 

We will be programming future Roundtables (details to come soon) and we hope you will be inspired to join us.