At Overlap, we are committed to democratizing design.

In celebration of Service Design Day (celebrated annually around the globe on June 1st), we are convening our community to better understand the practice of Service Design. Join us on June 24th at 1pm EDT for a FREE webinar ‘Designing The Invisible: How might we collectively co-design more inclusive and equitable experiences?

Join Overlap Associate’s Jessica Borich, Director of Engagement and Design for an opportunity to do a deeper dive into the practice through an interactive exercise.

What is Service Design? As a customer, we have all had bad experiences and good ones. The bad ones are typically the ones that are talked about and garner discussion and attention. However, the good ones are the ones that leave a lasting impression. As designers, our goal is to design the experiences that are both memorable and make an impact on lives and communities.

Learn more about Service Design:

  • Develop a basic understanding of service design as well as best practices when designing for inclusivity and equity
  • Interactive engagement through real-life experience
  • Have some fun together!

Join us for a deeper dive into the practice of service design through an interactive exercise.