Account Coordinator

Location: Canada


We are delighted to be adding another Overlapper to our truly wonderful team!

Overlap welcomes you as you are. We place a high value on diversity and building an intentional, inclusive culture that welcomes employees to engage their whole selves. We know that diverse teams make our work better, our ideas more creative, and our process more rigorous. We know we have work to do in this area and are committed to learning and growing. Diversity and inclusion relate to all our core values, especially Empathy, Collaboration, and Creativity.

We are a strengths-based environment and encourage Indigenous, racialized, and LGBTQ2 persons, as well as individuals with disabilities or from marginalized and other underrepresented groups to apply. Please do reach out if there’s any assistance that we can provide for your application process.

At this time we are only able to consider candidates in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Job Description

Position & Salary Band
$36,800 – $44,800

Business Area Head & PL
Account Director

Direct Reports

Overlap Associates Canada–Kitchener Office
Accounts Team

Expected Hours of Work
80% of a 40-hour workweek

Application Closing Date:
Friday, April 9, 2021
at 5:00pm EDT

General Accountabilities

The Account Coordinator position is a part of our Individual Contributor career track. As part of the Accounts Team, you’ll coordinate the systems and processes that support project execution—co-designing new ways of working effectively together as our work evolves. A big part of this role is producing the analytics to help us manage project work efficiently.  Working closely with the Account Director and the other members of the Accounts team, you’ll need a reassuring presence to support the Design Team. You’re someone that loves process but isn’t afraid to work in ambiguity. You’ll pull from your experience with various project types and execution methodologies to co-create project plans, support check-in meetings, and help Project Leads keep things on track. You’ll play a vital role at the intersection of Project Leads, the Design Director, and the Account Director—ensuring communication, documentation, and feedback are flowing.  You will also support the team with various designer activities and play a supporting role to our Accounts team. Your knowledge of Human-Centred Design and Design Thinking is an asset.

Key Job Responsibilities Including Performance Expectations

Delivery Team Support and Project Management– 40%
  • Work with the General Manager or Account Director on capacity planning. Create scheduling and resourcing plans, flagging and resolving issues as they arise
  • Assess reporting needs and make recommendations for how data might be compiled
  • Produce, and monitor reporting related to project budgets, hours, and resourcing
  • Support the delivery team by leveraging reporting and project management processes; including learnings from past project retrospectives to achieve their performance goals
  • Provide system (Mavenlink) administration to support project execution
  • Meet weekly with Project Leads to prompt project plan updates
  • Flag milestones, and budget progress
  • Monitor and maintain project plans throughout project lifecycles, working collaboratively with Project Leads to ensure timely delivery of engagement and deliverables
  • Transition new work in from Business Development, including project task set up and activations with the Delivery Team
  • Complete project wrap-up tasks and lead project retrospectives
  • Support the Overlap Training team with project set-ups, activations and tracking of client experience
  • Build strong internal partnerships based on strong communications skills towards mutual success
Project Support – 30%
  • Provide design support to Project Leads by executing designer-level tasks as required on projects. This may include conducting interviews, supporting factilitations, report writing, analysis and synthesis of research data.
  • Support Project Teams in client communication emails (updates) and with major event execution
Account Direction Support 20%
  • Creation of estimates for new work
  • Manage client coordination for small, one-off projects
  • Coordination of proposals, and support Business Development as needed
Additional Duties —10%
  • Special projects as assigned

Technical Qualifications

  • Minimum 3 years of Project Management experience, designation welcomed
  • Proficiency and experience with project management software
  • Experience creating project management reports to highlight capacity, utilization, hours, and project budgets
  • Proficiency working with Google Docs


Overlap has 9 core competencies that we use to evaluate candidates. We would expect in an interview for you to provide examples demonstrating ability across these 9 dimensions. The dimensions of each competency listed below are the expected skill level for this position.

  • You can compile relevant online research without explicit guidance.
  • You can formulate a clear hypothesis and recommend methods for testing it.
  • You can write and speak clearly and intelligently when you are comfortable and prepared.
  • You can craft a cogent and compelling argument in email, documents, or conversation.
  • You can transform an idea or concept into a coherent outline or storyboard.
  • You can visualize your thinking compellingly with pen and paper, marker and board.
  • You can sense, refine and express your own instincts and intuition.
  • You can identify interesting patterns that combine diverse references.
  • You can add incremental value to a meeting, call, presentation or facilitation, and/or
  • You can successfully deliver a sizeable portion of a final presentation or facilitation.
  • You can describe the WWWWH of bringing a simple strategy to life.
  • You can take an approved strategy, and with supervision and support, bring it to life.
  • You can give a colleague, regardless of seniority, warm and honest feedback.
  • You can provide critical feedback in a way that inspires its recipient to commit and improve.
  • You can list the things that are important to your colleagues and clients.
  • You can offer meaningful off-the-cuff advisement to a colleague and client.
  • You can actively listen to others and clarify for understanding if needed.
  • You can empathize with your colleagues and respond promptly to other team member needs.

Application Instructions

Please email your application as an attachment using the button below, or send it directly to careers@overlapassociates.com.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your application, please contact Overlap Canada’s Account Director, Steve Krysak.